The Challenge

My husband and I have made the month of November a challenge month.  I have challenged him to write a 50,000 word novel and he has challenged me to a 30 day photo project.  

My rules are to use only my DSLR and either my Lensbaby or my 50mm lens. You may be thinking that this is not much of a challenge. You are probably thinking, “30 pictures in 30 days, that’s a piece of cake.” I suppose it could be, but the interesting thing about using the Lensbaby is that it requires me to do all my settings manually.  There is no auto focus, no auto ISO, no auto aperture or shutter… I have to make all the exposure decisions myself.  Oh yeah, and there’s no zoom.  If I want the subject closer or farther away, I have to move with my feet to get the composition I want.

This should be interesting.


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